Teaching and writing to secondary school students

Краткое описание:

In an effort to solve as well as collect all needed sources we faced torrent of studies conducted by leading professionals in the field of teaching writing for the secondary schools for instance, Melanie Sperling and Sarah Warsh auer Freedman (2001), John Hayes and Linda Flower (1980), George Hillocks’s meta-analysis of writing comprehension studies (1986) and so forth. However, so far no one could find any exact formula of teaching writing to secondary school children which is to be deployed worldwide and triggers no skepticism of the most dedicated buffs of education that’s why researches are being kept in progress

Автор: Асадова Райхон.
Издано: в 2015 году
Категория: Дипломная работа / Выпускная квалификационная работа
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