The problems of adverbs in English

Краткое описание:

Language is a means of forming and storing ideas as reflections of reality and exchanging them in the process of human intercourse. Without it, we could not represent the world to ourselves, nor could we share our thoughts with others. However, if we wish to understand fully this most basic form of communication, we must as a practical necessary study at least one other language gives us an objective viewpoint from which to observe the phenomenon of language itself. At the same time, it requires us to project ourselves into the mental and psychological dimensions of another people, an effort that will likewise reflect ourselves giving us insight into our own way of speaking and thinking.

Автор: Ilhom Darvishev.
Издано: в 2012 году
Категория: Дипломная работа / Выпускная квалификационная работа
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