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In order to explain and define Marketing, a professional understanding of the hospitality industry is one of the basic requirements. In today's world with its growing social welfare and general increase of individualism, tourism is one of the most prosperous and expanding business branches. New products are being introduced to new markets along with enormous investments into new hotels and recreation centers, transportation systems and convention facilities, but also into education and training. Hospitality business is almost as old as civilization itself and sees if s future in terms of growth and vitality. In the first half of the last century tourism was a matter of mostly small and private enterprises with a minimal impact on the respective national economy. Initiated by the boom after World War II with Americans and Europeans roaming the world, the industry has gone through an incredible development.

Автор: Mardiev T.K., Xusainova L.Yu., Samandarov R.D..
Издано: в 2012 году
Категория: Другие / Учебное пособие
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