The role of national traditions of English literature in the development of world literature

Краткое описание:

This course paper is created for learners of Universities, colleges and lyceums. It consists of 3 parts and can be used in English classes. It gives information about the history of English literature. In each part users can find out the following information : The Periods of the English Literature Roman invasion, Anglo-Saxon literature, Beowulf As A Historic Poem, The Literature of the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer is the founder of the English literature, “The Canterbury Tales ” , Literature of the 15th century, Robin Hood ballads culture of British people and etc. This course paper helps to raise learners’ cultural awareness in order to make communication with a native speaker more successful.

Автор: Fozilov S.
Издано: в 2017 году
Категория: Курсовая работа
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